ACCESS TO THE COURTS IS VITAL. All citizens are entitled to their day in court. Our courts have suffered significant budget cuts since 2008. While efficiencies have been found, the budget cuts have reduced court access by forcing closure days and reducing key services. It's important to all Oregonians to restore adequate funding for the judicial branch.

ADEQUATE COURT FUNDING IS CRITICAL. Most businesses and public agencies can adjust their workloads based on their resources. The courts' workload, however, is determined by the cases that come through the courthouse doors. The only flexibility afforded a court with inadequate resources is in determining which cases to delay.

To the people involved - neighbors in a dispute, defendants awaiting hearings, families seeking safety, businesses pursuing claims, crime victims seeking justice - no case is inconsequential. The state owes all its citizens access to justice.

Budget cuts have already created delays and backlogs in processing cases, and further cuts will not only jeopardize the economic and business climate and weaken our communities, but will put constitutional rights at risk.

Oregon's courts have become leaner over the last decade, changing the way they do business to meet the needs of citizens and businesses. Those running the courts intend to continue this process with investments in technology to save money and provide better service, but they need sufficient operating funds to stay.

Talking Points and Information on the Court Budget
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